Attention Patients with
Low Back Pain!

Beware of the ads in the paper regarding “Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Herniated Discs,” etc.?  They want you to call for a free report about a new FDA approved therapy for low back conditions called Inter-vertebral Disc Decompression or IDD therapy.  Once they have your information, they start calling you tying to get you to come in for a consultation and/or a free treatment.  When you sign a contract for care, your cost will range between $3,000–5,000 for 20 sessions.  Don’t sign a contract before talking to us.  The cost to our patients ranges between $600-800 for 20 sessions. We have been using IDD therapy for 3 years and have had fantastic results.  We also have a long list of satisfied patients who are willing to share their experience with IDD therapy with you.  

If you don’t have a low back condition, you probably know someone who does.  Please pass this on to them.  Let them know that there’s no cost or obligation to call or come in to learn more about IDD therapy.  You can also visit our website and watch a 7 minute video on IDD therapy.  (

Thanks for your referrals!  We really appreciate each one of them.  They also help you because the more you refer the lower we can keep our fees.

Dr. Galen Birdsley

Birdsley Health & Wellness Center

1360 South Main Street

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115


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