Cholesterol Lowering Medication

Research shows that statin drugs used to lower cholesterol (lipitor, zocor, etc) have side effects.  One is they destroy an important enzyme in the liver which makes Co-enzyme Q10.  Co Q10 is an important anti-oxidant that protects your heart and blood vessels from free radical damage.  Other side effects can be liver damage and muscle pains.  Make sure your doctor answers all your questions before taking statins.

There are alternatives to statin medications.  They include lifestyle changes including diet and exercise and increasing the good fats (Omega 3 fatty acids) in the diet through supplementation.  Red Yeast extract and Policosanols have also been shown to lower cholesterol.

If you or someone you love is taking statins already, you/they have 3 choices:

1.     Stay on the medication and make no changes

2.     Stay on the medication and take extra Co Q-10 to protect your heart and blood vessels

3.     Switch to a natural cholesterol lowering supplement and make appropriate lifestyle changes

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