How Cold Laser Works

As the light receptive chromophores in various tissues, in both cellular and sub-cellular locations, are irradiated with the laser light, they are stimulated to more active levels of function and increased interaction.  Laser light penetrates much deeper than other light waveforms (1-2 inches), and therefore can increase mitochondrial ATP synthesis thus producing increased oxygenation of the cells and decreased inflammatory response.  Through the action of photo bio-stimulation, oxidative metabolism is increased removing free radicals.  Laser irradiation also stimulates endorphin release and increased prostaglandin synthesis causing a sense of well being and decreased inflammation.  Damaged skeletal, connective and neurological tissues and structures react with enhance healing in the presence of low-level laser irradiation as collagen synthesis increases.  In a nutshell, the benefits are: improved vascularity, increased lymphatic activity, decreased inflammation, increase enzymatic activity, and improved healing response.

During a laser treatment, most people don’t feel any sensation.  10-20% will feel some sensation described as a tingling, energy release and/or a slight warm feeling.  Following a laser treatment most people feel less pain, increased range of motion, decreased swelling and less pressure.  After a laser treatment, the healing effect continues for up to one hour.  Additional treatments continue the healing effect. 

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