Electro Pollution

Research is finding more evidence that electrical pollution such as power lines, fluorescent lights, computers, cell phones, televisions, hair dryers, electric blankets, etc. are affecting our health and energy.  The electromagnetic fields created by these devices interfere with our own energy field.  Many people feel weak, experience headaches, or just feel ill when working around computers or under fluorescent lights. 

The earth is a giant magnet with a North and South Pole.  Researchers have found that the earth has lost some of its magnetic strength.  They estimate that it has gone from 4 gauss units to ½ gauss unit since the use of atomic bombs.  Our bodies are 1 gauss; therefore if the earth has decreased to ½ gauss, we are literally being drained. 

It is impossible to eliminate all the electrical bombardment around us; however, small multi-polar magnets have been found to protect us from the negative effects of electro pollution.  I recommend having a multi-polar magnet on you everyday.  Some patients have even reported a reduction of pain when they place a magnet over an effected area at night.

Be careful with large multi-polar magnets.  They can be too strong.  A multi-polar magnet the size of a credit card is usually adequate for protection.  Place the magnet in a pocket or inside a bra with the cloth side close to your body.  Keep all magnets away from computers and credit cards.  

Multi-polar magnets are available for $5.00 each.


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