Basic Exercises

  1. 1.      Neck stretches (standing)

           a.       Turn head side to side

           b.      Bend neck - ear to shoulder

           c.       Rotate head from side to side in a circular fashion

    2.      Shoulder stretches (standing)

           a.       Arms behind the back grasp hands and stretch arms away from the body

           b.      Arm behind the head and stretch arm to the side

           c.       Arm across the body and stretch

           d.      Arm circles – rotate arms in both directions with arms parallel to the ground

    3.      Waist stretches (standing)

           a.       Back extension – bend backwards at the waist

           b.      Forward flexion –bend forward at the waist

           c.       Side bending – bend from side to side

    4.      Leg Stretches (on the floor)

           a.       Leg over other leg and bend body forward for hamstring stretch

           b.      Pull body into knees leaning forward

           c.       Lay on back and pull leg to side of body for quadriceps stretch

           d.      Sit on haunches and stretch the calf muscles

           e.       Sit on floor and bring feet into pelvic area and stretch knees to floor

    5.      Chest and back exercises

           a.       Push-ups

           b.      Reverse push-ups for triceps

    6.      Stomach and Back

           a.       Crunches with knees bent

           b.      Crunches with legs in the air

           c.       Side crunches

           d.      Back extensions on floor raising chest

           e.       Back extensions on floor raising legs

           f.       Back extensions on floor raising both legs and chest

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