Grunt & Growl Workout

First you must determine the weight to use for each exercise you do.  This procedure is done on your first day of workout, and never needs to be repeated unless you stop exercising for a period of time and have to get restarted.  For each exercise make your best guess on your maximum single attempt lift and try to lift it.  If too heavy to lift, lighten up; if too easy, add more weight.  Attempt another lift.  Repeat to find the weight you can just barely lift one time.  Multiply that weight by 0.7.  This is your workout weight for that exercise.  On your first workout, all you do is determine your workout weight for all your exercises. 

Divide your exercises into an A and a B group with approximately 6-10 exercises in each group.  Alternate workouts between A and B making sure you wait at least 48 hours before repeating the same workout group. 

When exercising, choose the variation below that suits you the best.  I have found that either one works well. 

1.      Do each exercise (repetitions) at a super slow rate.  4-5 seconds against gravity and 2-3 seconds with gravity.  Do as many reps as you possibly can up to 15.  Grunt and growl as much as you need to squeeze out your last rep.  That way you know you’ve gotten the most anabolic stimulus possible from that exercise.  That point of momentary exhaustion is your moment of victory.  {Note that the number of reps required to reach exhaustion can be different for each exercise.  If it takes 15 reps or more to reach exhaustion, you need to increase the weight.}  Do only one set of each exercise.  As the weeks go by, you will find that the number of reps you can do will increase.  When that number has increased by 2, it is time to increase your weight for that exercise by about 10 percent.


2.      In this variation, lift the weight slowly from the resting position until the muscle fully engages, then pulse the weight for 5-10 short slow pulses, then finish exercise slowly up then down to the resting position. Rest for a 5-10 seconds.  Repeat the pulsing cycle 2 more times. Rest for 5-10 seconds and then do 5-10 quick reps to make the muscle burn.  You know that you have enough weight for that exercise if your muscles burn or feel like giving out on the third set of pulsing and after 5-10 quick reps.  If they don’t, increase the weight the next time.  After the 5-10 quick reps, rest for a few seconds and then go to the next exercise.

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