What is Gratitude? How does it effect us? Another word for gratitude is thankfulness, so when we are thankful, we have gratitude. Do those words and/or feelings have an effect on our physical body?  What about our emotions and our spirit?  Some interesting research has been going on in Japan regarding words, music and energy.  Dr. Masaru Emoto has been conducting experiments on water.  He puts pure water in a bottle, and either writes words on the bottle or exposes the water to music.  Then he takes a sample of the water into a very cold laboratory, puts it under a dark field microscope and takes pictures of the water crystals that form.  Dr. Emoto’s experiments have shown some interesting patterns.  Below are two pictures of different water samples that were exposed to different words.   One was exposed to the words  “Love and Gratitude”, and the other “You make me sick”.  Guess which one is which.  If you are interested in seeing more water crystals go to and click on “water crystals.”  You can also access Dr. Emoto’s website

Dr. Emoto’s experiments have shown some dramatic effects on water with words and music. Since our bodies consist of 80-90% water, what effects do words and music have on us?  What effect do you think we have on others as a result of our words and thoughts?  Also, what effect do we have on food that is taken into our body by word and thoughts? 

What effect do you think these words might have? “This is going to make me sick.”  “This is going to make me fat.”  “ This is not good for me.”  “This is going to go right to my hips.”  Verses.  “This is good for me.”  “I’m going to feel good after my meal.”  “This food will make me healthy.”  “This makes me feel strong.”   “Thank you for such a wonderful meal.”  “I love…”

How many of us pray before a meal or say grace?  Is it a routine or do we really think about what we are saying?  Our words have power.  How do we affect our food by our words and thoughts?  Some suggestions of gratitude might be to thank the food for providing the necessary nutrients to sustain our lives.  Give gratitude for the health it will bring us.  Bless the food so your body will be able to use what it needs to be strong and healthy.  Bless our bodies to be able to assimilate and use the good things from the food we eat and to be able to eliminate any harmful parts of the food.  If you are somewhere and can’t give gratitude and a blessing out loud, take a moment and do it in silence.  Your food and you will be better off for it.

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